Qigong and the 64 Ways

with Elizabeth Ann Downey (Naeodi)

In this class we will combine a simple, gentle and powerful practice of qigong … with the teachings of the I-Ching and the Gene Keys.

In Qigong we “work with energy” using movement, breath visualization and sound. The practice supports a transformation of our energy using both moving and sitting meditations. As we clear energy blockages … greater health, happiness, joy, peace and longevity become possible!

Each week we will focus on and contemplate one of the “64 Ways”. This part of our practice draws from the “I-Ching”, (The Book of Changes)” and the powerful transmission of a new teaching known as the “Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in your DNA” (This teaching is the life’s work of Richard Rudd of the UK).

We will be raising both our individual as well as the collective spiritual energy to a higher level with qigong practice, contemplation and meditation.

In Qigong all ‘dis-ease’ is viewed as simply an imbalance of energy, causing blockage. Qigong and The 64 Ways teach us how to move our energy from the lower shadow frequencies toward 64 Magical Expressions of Living, Loving and Remembering Ourselves, Our Essence, Our Light, and Our Connection to All of Life!

To register please contact Elizabeth at 604.989.6975 or naeodi@gmail.com.

September 6 to 27 (Drop-in)
October 4 to November 1
November 15 to December 13

Wednesdays, 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Sun Studio
$15 drop in
$55.50 - (October 4 to November 1)
$55.50 - (November 15 to December 13)