Zone Zero Coaching

Zone Zero Coaching means to coach one’s self. In order do this we must understand our body’s language. In this class, we learn many of its signals as well as introductory elements of conventional strength training, Yoga asanas, Chi Gong, and self-massage. We bring comfort and alignment back to well-worked bodies. 

We go through a flow with plenty of room for personalization in accordance with individual injuries or guidance. This class can be seen as a gateway to self-care. No experience necessary.

If you have it, bring a foam-roller, running stick and/or a lacrosse ball.

$10 per class. New members are required to have a 6 class commitment or take a one on one session with Charlie prior to dropping in ($60). This allows participants to complete and review 2 questionnaires that reveal appropriate diet typing, overall physiological load, and areas of the body that require extra attention.

To register email Charlie at

About Charlie

Charlie Zero Zone Coaching | Yoga by the SeaCharlie Durrant is a multidisciplinary holistic health coach. He started out as a surfing and kitesurfing Instructor in the Dominican Republic in 2009. Through rehabilitating a tibia plateau fracture and ruptured ACL in his right knee he became an inspired and experienced powerlifter and overall health and fitness enthusiast. Before settling in BC he had traveled to over 30 countries learning from many cultures and a myriad of self-development & self-realization methods. Today Charlie is a BCRPA certified fitness trainer and CHEK Institute trained Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Aside from his holistic health practice, he works as a Permaculture Designer and Carpenter. In his free time, he can be found on/in the ocean, or, up the mountain on various re-wilding adventures.


“Charlie is a transformational coach who works with the limitations within at the same time, working on strength building and mobility . After 6 weeks of his coaching I feel better than ever. Thank you Charlie” – Aaron Joe, Founder of Salish Soils

“I have been working out with Charlie for some time now and it has reinvigorated not only my workouts but my approach to many things in life. It’s not just about working out with Charlie it’s about finding balance between workouts and my life. I look forward to many more workouts and highly recommend anybody to work with Charlie and his zone zero coaching.” – Chris August, Shishalh Nation Councillor

Wednesdays, 7:30 - 8:45pm
Moon Studio
$10 per class.
New members are required to have a 6 class commitment or take a one on one session with Charlie prior to dropping in ($60).
To confirm your space communicate with Charlie in person or text him at 604.741.8325.