Denise Ewart

Denise Ewart | Yoga by the Sea

Denise went to her first yoga class as a teenager in the 60’s at the recommendation of her dance teacher as a way to manage her scoliosis and is forever grateful to these two wise women who started her on the yogic path. It has been a lifetime practise and a means to holistically manage a variety of health issues. She continued a dedicated Iyengar practise as well as an active life full of family, dance, fitness, meditation, sports and other holistic studies. After a brief hiatus due to injury and to family traumas she found herself at Yoga by the Sea hoping to regain her health and her sparkle and where she immediately fell in love with the awareness that all is one under the umbrella of yoga.

With Hasu’s guidance in 2013 she signed up for teacher training as a way to deepen her practise and has since completed her 200 hour and 300 hour YTT with Hasu and the advanced Yoga Nidra program through the Amrit Institute where she feels truly aligned with the teachings of yogi Amrit Desai and shall continue to be a lifelong student of all 8 limbs of yoga. A personal favourite of hers is Yoga Nidra, a restorative meditation practise, an easy, effortless, effective and elegant way to effect change on and off the mat. With a willingness to change and a minimum amount of effort you can restore health and reshape your life with this transformational sleep.

Denise brings her combined love of flow, meditation, yoga and holistic lifestyle to her practise and her teaching as a means to wellness, peace and tranquility through all life’s stages.

Her goal is to sparkle always and to share what she has learnt with her community.