I AM Yoga® Advanced: Meditation in Motion – Immersion

I AM Yoga Advanced: Meditation in Motion – Immersion

2019 Training Dates

  • July 26 – August 4, 2019


  • $1100 USD early bird registration if paid in full by June 10, 2019
  • $1300 USD for entire training after June 10, 2019

These prices includes training and materials. Price doesn’t include room & board. Inexpensive accommodation and billeting available.


Please register online or contact the Amrit Yoga Institute by email or call 1-352-685-3001 to pay with cash/cheque/money order.Payment plans are available if paid in full by the beginning of each program. A deposit must be made in order to hold your space.

For further information or questions and to register please contact marney@yogabythesea.ca.

Program Overview

“It’s not yoga if it doesn’t change your life!” ~Amritji

Are you ready to transform your life through yoga and take your practice to even deeper levels? Immerse yourself in a 10-day yoga retreat for yoga teachers and practitioners that offers an opportunity to:

  • Restore balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
  • Learn to incorporate meditation and its many benefits into your yoga practice and life
  • Learn how to cultivate and allow your life force energy to restore, recharge and guide you
  • Learn that yoga is more than an on the mat practice, but a way of living life in harmony with your-Self and the world around you
  • Learn the Kriya of Chita and Prana, what Swami Kripalu called “the highest experience of yoga” which reveals your true Self.

Learn to live your life as a Meditation in Motion!

Our Meditation in Motion Immersion incorporates both meditation and yoga postures to reveal an inborn energetic intelligence which in yoga, we call Prana. This energy which is causing your heart to beat right now and facilitates internal healing when the physical system is out of balance may also be used to access healing, balance and Self-discovery in one’s life.

In this Immersion you will learn meditation tools and techniques to calm the mind so that you can allow Prana to create a shift to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual homeostatic balance. This practice is an eastern style of yoga which is different from the western perspective of a one size fits all structure. You will be guided to follow your own energy’s natural wisdom on the mat and in your everyday life, making it an individualized practice just for you! The beauty of this practice is that it teaches you how to live your whole life as a Meditation in Motion!

For professionally trained yoga teachers, this Immersion is a prerequisite to our Meditation in Motion Certification which is a part of our 300 and 500 hour professional teacher training.

A Meditation in Motion yoga practice has its foundation in the ancient scriptures and teachings of yoga passed down through an energetic Lineage. Your teachers, Indu Heather Eilering, Hasu Marney Coulter and Ramdas Ormond have studied and been immersed in this energy from a modern-day yoga Guru, Gurudev Amritji, and have been honoured as a Senior Teachers for this Lineage.

Teachers from Traditions other than I AM Yoga

This 10 Day personal sadhana Immersion is open to all 200 hr. certified yoga teachers from all traditions and experienced yoga practitioners. For 200 hour certified yoga teachers from other traditions we require completion of the Posture of Consciousness Intensive Online Course in order to receive a 200 hour certification from the Amrit Yoga Institute.


Indu Heather Eilering
Senior Training Faculty, Amrit Yoga Institute E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, ALC, BS Indu has devoted the last 10 years to support her students and clients in their quest to live healthy, vital, and fulfilling lives. Her previous experience owning a yoga studio and current role at the Amrit Yoga institute has allowed her to utilize her skills as an Amrit Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, and Energy Worker to skillfully and compassionately support her students and clients to transform their lives. Learn more about Indu Heather Eilering


Hasu Marney Coulter
Senior Training Faculty Hasu is an intuitive and knowledgeable Yogi. For more than 20 years, she has shared a flowing practice which creates self alignment and attunement, based on teachings from her own life experience, Kripalu Yoga, Amrit Yoga, and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. The focus is on exploring sensation through movement and stillness, while drawing on the breath as a tool for transformation, allowing you to explore your inner edges and thresholds with willful practice and mindfulness; learning how to trust, accept, experience peace with ourselves and life, by deepening the connection with the vital life force, and adding a sense of ease to one’s life. From here, we learn how to carry what is experienced on the mat into daily interactions. Life becomes a waking meditation. In April 2011, Marney received initiation into the Kripalu Lineage from her teacher Gurudev, Yogi Amrit Desai, and can be called by the… Learn more about Hasu Marney Coulter