The Kullu Valley | Yoga by the Sea

The Valley of the Gods

I’m writing this from the valley of the gods in India where only 50 years ago this was the end of the road into the Himalaya Mountains, before the Tibetan plateau.

At that time it was not even accessible by car. In the mountains surrounding the kullu valley are small villages where thousands of years ago shamans, yogis, and sadaks came to live and sit in meditation in caves, along the mountainside and under trees.

Devotees were drawn to them for guidance, wisdom, and enlightenment resulting from their deep state of meditation. These yogis became Gurus. Villages and settlements grew around them. Overtime the villagers became descendants and ancestors of these Gurus, who had long since passed away. In his or her place a statue representing the Guru, who was now known as God or Goddess was created in the image and quality they represented to the villagers. This became the god or goddess for that village.

To this day all of the villages in the kullu valley still honour their god or goddess and seek guidance from them. This is also the valley where the Buddha is said to have sat under a bodhi tree and it is said the sage Jesus also gained great wisdom in this region. This is a sacred valley on this planet that is the seeped deep in the universal truth of oneness.

– Hasu