Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida | Yoga by the Sea


Coming to the ashram in Florida, is remembering home.
A pilgrimage inward through the external world.
Time travel required to go out to go in…..
A reset button.

Moving from thinking and doing to feeling and being.

To the touch stone of integrative intention,
being established as Awareness.

Consciously feeling the slowing down,
sense alive and awake.
Trees, Birds, Sunshine, Breeze, Rain, Lake.
The sound of my own breath filling the ears.
Coming to an edge where reaction intersects with the ability to relax.
Tiny little explorations on the edge, getting up close and leaning into
letting go of habitual daily routine, resting in the awareness of it all!

Experience moving through….
Deliberate and Absorbed… holding the postures of sitting and attention, long days of program.
Occasional complementary movements that arise natural and effortless, that are equal and opposite to bring balance and harmony.
Open to variations and spontaneous movement that arise, out of an urge or prompt from the vital life force.
Until resting in silent stillness.

Life is a meditation in motion… here, there and everywhere.
Announcing awareness.
Known through awareness.
Created out of awareness.

– Hasu