The Yoga of Now | Yoga by the Sea

The Yoga of Now

Yoga means union, oneness, being at peace with what is.
It has nothing to “do” with action to make something be a certain way or change anything.
Its not about the future or the past.
Yoga only happens in the Now.
Ask yourself, can I be at peace with what is as it is right now?
Myself as I am, the other as they are, the world as it is.
Not later or based on any particular circumstances.
You’ll notice the mind stuff is often focused on the past or the future.
Breath, and sensations happen in the now.
Flexibility happens in the now.
Through letting go just a little bit of the resistance and contraction of wanting it to be different than the reality of what is right now.
Opening, relaxing into what is as it is.

– Hasu