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Nature of the True Self

Happy New Year from all of us at Yoga By the Sea, may you know peace and joy through all life’s unfolding. 

The New Year is the perfect opportunity to establish oneself in Swadhaya (Self Study). This happens through Meditation, as the experience of meditation creates a gap by slowing down the brain waves and deepening our states of consciousness. Then by watching our thoughts and actions we cultivate the capacity to disengage from internal weather patterns also called internal disturbance.

One of the most well known Ancient Yoga Texts says this is the foundation for Meditation, continuously throughout history.

Yogash Chitta Vritti Narodha “Yoga is watching the Modifications of the Mind”. This is Swadhyaya.

The more we cultivate the capacity to watch our thoughts and actions, the more the we get to know the nature of our true self … not our disturbances.

– Hasu