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Essence of our True Nature

Hindu Deities are external manifestations of the ancient Yogic teachings. They represent qualities that are present in each of us, and remind us of the essence of our true nature.

You may have noticed a statue of Ganesha at the entrance to the studio, or maybe the one at the top of the stairs. Ganesha is the guardian, in India he is often placed outside of the house.

He is guarding energy, our life force energy. His mother is Parvati, Goddess of Energy. As the remover of obstacles, he is often gifted or honoured in new ventures, as a blessing. The other obstacles he removes are ignorance, egoism, attachment/aversion and clinging to bodily life.

All which take energy from our vital life force, the essence of our true nature. He is human with an elephant head, with large ears….the better to listen with 🙂

Elephants have the largest brain of a land animal. And this represents great Knowledge. His father is Shiva, God of Consciousness. Ganesha also has a round tummy, appreciating the sweetness of life, abundant, full, whole and complete.

Just like you!

– Hasu