Fully Alive and Awake | Yoga by the Sea

Fully Alive and Awake

It does seem there is a quickening going on…
Light is brightly returning,
The birds suddenly have begun to sing their spring song, and even frogs are in the choir.

There also appears to be expansion, more intensity and chaos.
As well as brighter colours, clearer sounds and sense impressions.
More day to day things bring about laughter and the ridiculous
Constantly seeming to amaze and astound.
Do you notice more inspiration and creativity ?
Darkness and disparity ?
The question then is…..
Is the external world shifting and changing from how it always has been….
Remember the Good Ole Days ?
Or is it that there is an awakening occurring.
That we are seeing everything, everyone, and all experiences from an awakened set of eyes.
What we could not see before,  we can see more clearly with all the imperfections and awe.
How do we move along with these awakened senses ?
Do we get caught up in the chaos and intensity, swinging back and forth like the pendulum from one extreme to the other.
Concentrate on your immediate circle of Influence….
As Gandhi Said “ Be the Change you wish to See in the World”
Allow the waves of  inner change, wash outward effecting the Ocean we are all in….one moment at a time.
Fully Alive and Awake !