we create our reality: We Create our Reality

We Create our Reality

Forgiveness is not on the other to ask for.
Our reaction is up to us to dismantle.
Not for someone else to change to fit our expectations, likes or preferences.
Where is the problem?
Where is the solution?
It is in the same place
It is not outside of you,
It is within you.
Every situation provides us with the answer.
Labeling something as Good or Bad is a made up perception, based on personal preferences, expectations and personal distinctions.
We cannot fix the problem with the same mind that created it.
We Create our reality.
What we perceive is what we consider real,
However it is only real to you,
It is not real to others,
As we all have our own unique perceived created reality.
Which is always changing, constantly changing, just like the weather patterns.

– Hasu