IMG 6670 copy: Moments that fill a life

Moments that fill a life

Our Divine Discovery… A Himalayan Journey with Padma and Hasu

Two weeks in India felt timeless. So many impressions and so many joy-filed moments.

Picking one image to reveal the depth of what was revealed and what is still soaking …well it can be months, a year, or maybe even longer. 

This was one of our favourite experiences. We were guided high up into the Himalaya mountains, a village that was only accessible by foot. Cut off to the road, due to rock slides.

Generations have lived in this village, it was humble, peaceful and yet clearly filled with a simple life. We walked along narrow dirt paths winding along the hillside, over creeks, past waterfalls, sheep and horses. With endless vistas of the ancient mountain peaks all around. We were led to a mountain meadow, where we spread out, each finding the perfect spot to enjoy lunch in the warmth of the sun, meditate, chant and savour the absolute silence, beauty and vastness of a place we could never imagine.

There are many moments that fill a life. This one will live with us forever.

– Blessings and Love Hasu