gratitude service and love: Gratitude, service and love

Gratitude, service and love

Dearest Friends,

My favourite space on the calendar is the 21st December through January 1st.
Even though there is busyness and activity with family and friends, I love the connection to light and the dark. The calling of hibernation, and the calling to light.

To be in nature and to be introspective.
To feel the breath of the wind, the warmth of the hearth and heart.
To be at ease, simply to be.
It is with ordinary knowing presence, the abundance of life shines though.
Gratitude reveals Grace, Service reveals Love, and Love reveals Joy.
It is with such honour that we at Yoga By The Sea express our deepest appreciation for the opportunity to give what we have received from our many teachers, and own investigations. The gratitude, service, and love that pours through us, is simply what was given to us, and we hope you will pass it along through you to others.
Touching the peace within us all, one person, one moment at a time.

Seasons Blessings to us all.
May all beings know Peace.

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

With Love