2019 YTT Grads

Silence and Sacredness


That is the experience after 7 months of immersion into the Yogic teachings. We welcome another 13 Yogis who have begun to establish themselves in the art of self-investigation, using the tools and techniques of Yoga.

Through introversion and curiosity, when we step into the Yoga Studio, or sit on the mat, the intention is to amplify and magnify knowing our true nature.

Therefore, I invite you to explore introspection, and self-investigation when you come into Yoga by the Sea, using the tools and techniques of silence, breath, and stillness.

As you enter the studio, please be silent, to honour and respect the sacredness of the space, and others who have come for sanctuary.

Notice what happens from the inside out… it may feel uncomfortable for a bit, and then it may begin to amplify and magnify… notice how it pours into your life.

With love