Spring Tune Up Yoga by the Sea: Spring Tune Up

Spring Tune Up

Here at Yoga by the Sea we are moving into our 14th year of service.
We are so blessed to offer what inspires us, fulfills us, guides us, sustains us, continuously supports us, and is constantly present.

Spring time is like a spring board into action, and often this increased momentum can cause some imbalance within our energy output. So I offer you three practices that will create balance during this seasonal shift.

Alternate Nostril Breathing for 5 – 7 minutes

Sun Salutations for 10 minutes, here are two options:
Vigorous Sun Salutation
Modified Sun Salutation 

Seated Meditation for 10 minutes… Or if you have more time, this Yoga Nidra to ground and balance.

These simple practices will tune you in and tune you up!