IMG 2711: Shifting To Fall

Shifting To Fall

As we begin to turn our attention toward Fall…
A Shift in Season
A Shift in Routine
New Beginnings

10 years ago we expanded Yoga By The Sea to include both Sun and Moon Yoga Studios. This expansion was a commitment to a personal life of a Yogi, and a mother – the same thing really! I wanted to stay home with my son and be available before and after school; to attend field trips and soccer games; to be flexible, create a peaceful loving environment and have the energy to be a present parent.

Some days were better than others, and that’s why it’s a practice or Sadhana; you keep coming back to the teachings again and again. You as the community have supported this by supporting the Yoga Studio and Yoga Family! It takes a village to raise a Yogi, and a Mother. 🙂

On Saturday, my beloved son leaves our Sunshine Coast nest and will land in Victoria to attend UVIC as a first year student. I am incredibly proud of him! My heart is so full and filled with deep gratitude for being held by all of you as we navigated this journey this past decade, whether you knew it or not. I know it!

We all know it here at Yoga by the Sea, as you have made a difference in our lives, our families, the next generation and our community. Eternally Grateful!

We have a wonderful Schedule lineup for this Fall, including our Open House Week from Sept. 7 to Sept. 15, and exciting workshops planned.

We look forward to seeing you again in this new season 🙂