Who Is Present?

It doesn’t matter who is sitting on the cushion in the front of the room.

In the beginning, we are drawn to a particular person we prefer, based on various attributes we like. Do we feel they are knowledgable about what they are leading? Is the class that they lead what we want, and does it fit into our schedule?

Then we find the perfect fit… which is actually all about the external other. That sounds like a relationship!

The truth is, what matters is that YOU show up. Nothing happens unless you commit to knowing your true self. All the practices here at Yoga by the Sea are an pointing to this self-realization, even though some may be initially drawn only to life mastery – that’s OK, that’s on the path!

Life isn’t “out there” somewhere, it’s in every breath that moves through you; it’s every heart beat, every sensation in the body. It is the attunement found through inward focus, and the connection to feeling and being.

So, It doesn’t matter who is in the front of the room, it simply matters that you are in the room. That you show up as YOU, fully present and knowingly aware.