IMG 0841: Holding in the Pause

Holding in the Pause

How are you?

We are writing to you simply as a touchstone and because we now know that this paradigm shift will continue beyond next weekend. We anticipate Yoga by the Sea will continue to be on Pause until mid April, at the earliest; at least another 3 weeks. If this changes, of course we will be back to business as usual as soon as possible, and will communicate with you ASAP.

We are offering complimentary online classes through FB streamed live as they happen by our devoted team of Yogis, focused on the regular drop in class schedule. Please join us! It’s easy, and the videos stay up so you can access them anytime. We do hope to have some of these classes loaded for you on our YouTube Channel; in the meantime enjoy listening to Yoga Nidra and other musings offered there.

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If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing

Love to you all! Be healthy, be positive, be compassionate and be kind to each other. Remember to focus on what you want to expand. Don’t forget to laugh and see the pockets of joy and inspiration in these days of introversion.

We are so grateful for all of you and our community!

Jai Bhagwan,
Hasu & the entire Yoga By the Sea Family 

The nature of the human spirit is resilience
The spirit is what In-spires us
Through the breath
Known as the life force energy
That is the bridge between life and death
And the Universal Presence
That intelligently regulates every process of the universe
Through the cycles of involution and evolution
Through this universal intelligence
We are connected to everything the exists
This omni-present Presence is known as The Holy Spirit, Divine Shakti, Kundalini and Chi
We can connect to it where ever we are
At any moment
Because we are it.