December is the Perfect Polarity

Folks are flooding back into the studio
Faces and smiles we have not seen for a long night… 
We have missed you.  
Welcome Home!

In the Northern Hemisphere, December is the perfect Polarity
Being the Light in the Dark is very important at this time of year.
And seeing the Light and the Dark in the same light is a gift. 

It brings to us the Yule Moon or the Long Night Moon
The Darkest and Brightest longest nights of the Year
Feelings of Hibernation and Introversion
Deep Contemplation, Reflection and Introspection.
As well as precious moments with Family,  friends and community connection
Giving and Receiving.
The indwelling Hearth and Home.

Listen to Hasu’s guided meditation
on Insight Tmer: Inner Peace yoga nidra 

Love Hasu

Peace comes from Within and only happens Now

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