Love Your Friends Month!

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February has become known as the month we focus on Love. This month at Yoga by the Sea is Love Your Friends Month! Smaller community is one of the blessings of living on the Sunshine Coast. Neighbours help out just because , and there is always someone willing to give a helping hand. We are stronger together, than as individuals. Even when there’s confusion or misunderstanding, friendship encourages listening, patience, acceptance, and  forgiveness. These are the same qualities experienced in community – the polarity of being vulnerable, and supported. For the remainder of February, Yoga
By The Sea is inviting you to Bring your Friend to Yoga. We have created a Bring your Friend for Free pass. Bring a friend with you to Yoga, introduce them to what helps you through the day, inspires you, creates balance,  peace, energy, and support. We can’t think of a better gift!!  Love your Friends!

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