Honor Women Every Day, Everywhere

Screenshot 2023 03 15 at 8.04.57 AM: Honor Women Every Day, Everywhere

There is a force field that wraps around Earth, and is the foundation of all creation and life. Today, and for thousands of years, the energy of women has created and sustained life throughout every country and continent. 

From India, to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, China, the Artic circle, North America, all the Islands, Central and South America. 

This has been expressed as mothers, care providers, educators, farmers, community leaders, doctors, activists, scientists, economists, lawmakers, artists, healers, builders, engineers, spiritual leaders, sisterhood, friendship, and so much more.

Honor Women Every day, and Everywhere.

Hasu and all your Friends at Yoga by the Sea

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