Happy Summer Solstice! ☀️

8c993725 c62d fd7b 44e4 622a792f0d87: Happy Summer Solstice! ☀️

These long days filled with light inspire and give hope for health, wellness and healing.
Coming together in community to connect to the source of light, through celebration and ritual, creates a collective foundation.
This Solstice, the invitation is to move through the moments consciously, with openness and curiosity, like a child. Summer is Play, Dance, Singing, Laughter, and Gratitude for all the moments. However some may feel lost, sad, wounded, unheard or unseen. Light shows us where the shadows are, and we also know the shadow because the light is there. The Solstice reminds us life is a Polarity. May you feel Nourished, Strengthened and Empowered by the Light that surrounds you.
Love Hasu and All your Friends at Yoga by the Sea.

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