Flower Moon Bloom!

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This is a powerful New Moon phase for intention planting, and nurturing creativity through meditation, journaling, visualizing and being open to powerful shifts of harmony, sparkle and expansion. In the afterglow of the Solar Eclipse, this New Moon of spring embraces the opportunity for new beginnings, a breath of fresh air to plant seeds for the future and discover what sparks joy in your life. 

This new growth cycle is grounded in embarking on fresh journeys. Give yourself some space to ground and embrace the present. Slow down, breath, fully immerse in each moment, and relax the urge to overthink. Feel the stillness within and around you. It’s within this stillness that life’s complexities simplify themselves. Courage and bravery are essential to integrate our experiences and rely on our inner compass, for each next step. 

This New Moon invites us to discover and honor the power of stillness, allowing us to connect with our inner strength, resilience, and center. When we quiet our minds, our strength becomes palpable, and from this place of inner security, our creative expression flourishes. The creative flame ignites, when we trust in our inner strength, we can manifest abundance in all its forms. 

Focus on nurturing your self-worth. Feel your strength and embrace your wisdom, for it will inspire you to take the necessary leaps of faith for your evolution. As you bask in the energy of the New Moon, cultivate gratitude and acknowledge your abundance. Recognize that gratitude is the fertile soil in which abundance grows.

By appreciating what you already have, you find contentment in the present, that what you have is enough. This ease naturally attracts more of abundance of what you value into your life. 

As you sit with the energy of the new Moon, decide what in your life needs to shift for you always to carry the vibration of gratitude and abundance.

With Love,
Love Hasu and All your Friends at Yoga by the Sea.

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