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YBTS peoples choice award2022

A great Honour

Thanks again to our community in Roberts Creek, the Sunshine Coast and beyond for voting us the Favourite Yoga Studio for the second year in a row. It is a great honour to be recognized as a shining light in our corner of this planet.

We at Yoga by the Sea, have been blessed with 16 +  years in this growing community and are in the company of many brilliant, dedicated Yoga and Pilates mentors and guides who have been consistently present over the last two decades right alongside us.

Kalijo, Om Sweet Om, Coast Flow and several individual teachers, who teach out of community centers, senior centers, schools, hospitals, gyms, via zoom, private home studios, and halls.

It’s an honor to support our community as a beacon. We are all equally shining the light of health and wellness through connection to the Body, and the vital life-force that animates us, and effects every experience of Life.

Special thanks to the Coast Reporter for organizing the event.

When one is acknowledged, we are all acknowledged.

With Love always, 

Hasu and all your friends at Yoga by the Sea.

Peace comes from Within and only happens Now

Hasu Marney Coulter

tim-foster-yoga at sunset

Welcome October

Each Month we will bring attention to a Chakra ( Energy Center) that correlates to a Nerve Plexus along the main Energy and Nerve channel, the Shushumna  or Spinal column.  To cultivate and know Balance, Integration, Harmony and Bliss. As with Intentions, it is planting a Seed, what you want in the end must be present in the beginning.

This month we begin with the Root Chakra located at the base of  the Spine.

This center is about Groundedness, foundation and security. It reflects the relationship we have to our survival, shelter, food, water, sleep, sustenance, and money.

How do we tend to our Home, the one we embody and the shelter we live in?

tim-foster-yoga at sunset

Earth Element, Reflected through the colors of Red, Browns. 
With A balanced Root Chakra (Muladhara)
You feel safe and secure
Our daily tasks seem effortless
You have no doubts about your place in the world.
You have a sense of belonging.
Things happen for you, whether it be with relationships, money or with a career.
You are in alignment with the world and not against it!

Some Physical symptoms of an imbalance:
Over or under-active sex drive
Poor immune system
Irritable bowel syndrome

How to return balance?

Scan through your relationships to survival, shelter, food, water, sleep, sustenance, and money, and pick one area that you would like to focus on this month to bring a greater sense of balance and integration.

Maybe placing some attention and give some love to the home, healthy nourishment, sleep patterns, exercise, or finances. 

Keep note of what you notice so you can see the shifts that are happening for you.

Love, Hasu and all your friends at Yoga by the Sea

~ Peace comes from Within and only happens Now ~

group of wellness collective practitioners

Change is in the Air

Exciting news!

We are expanding, collaborating and pivoting again !!

(read the complete newsletter here)

This Autumn, a Wellness Collective will open under the umbrella of Yoga by the Sea Wellness. YBTS is welcoming Sarah Jacobs ( Acupuncture), Maria Hampvent ( Coaching and Leadership), Jena Eros (Ortho Bionomy), Stefanie Satomi Sakata ( Acupuncture and Community Acupuncture), who will be expanding their practices here on 15th September. Visit our website for details.

All our Drop-In Yoga, Registered Class Series, Movement, Therapeutic classes, Kirtan, programs, events and workshops will now be held in the larger Moon Studio. Some of the times of the classes will change to accommodate the shift and the expanding Fall Schedule. The turnover between classes will be shorter. So we ask for quiet between classes, coming and going. Please enjoy your connections outside before or after class. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this important transition. 

We have some favourite teachers returning to YBTS:

Camelia Rumball
Sylvain Brochu
Melissa Lyons
Melony Mok
Lyne Lantaigne
Nicola Tiburzi
Mary and Jean with Roberts Creek Tai Chi Association
Chris and Kym Chi with Monthly Sound Journey


View our yoga offerings on our website:
 ongoing yoga classes and registered series classes 


We are also still offering Private Sessions Yoga Therapy, Bodywork, and Counselling sessions.
Visit our website for details


Keep an eye on our website for fall events and workshops!
We are excited to welcome you back this Fall.

Read all the latest news at Yoga by the Sea here

Love from Hasu and all the teachers at Yoga by the Sea