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Happy Summer Solstice! ☀️

8c993725 c62d fd7b 44e4 622a792f0d87: Happy Summer Solstice! ☀️

These long days filled with light inspire and give hope for health, wellness and healing.
Coming together in community to connect to the source of light, through celebration and ritual, creates a collective foundation.
This Solstice, the invitation is to move through the moments consciously, with openness and curiosity, like a child. Summer is Play, Dance, Singing, Laughter, and Gratitude for all the moments. However some may feel lost, sad, wounded, unheard or unseen. Light shows us where the shadows are, and we also know the shadow because the light is there. The Solstice reminds us life is a Polarity. May you feel Nourished, Strengthened and Empowered by the Light that surrounds you.
Love Hasu and All your Friends at Yoga by the Sea.

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Divine Feminine Energy

Full Moon: Divine Feminine Energy

Full Moon honors the Divine Feminine Energy that is creation and sustenance.

We see the reflection of the Sun (light) in the moon.

The Moon is like a mirror.

It reflects our wholeness, inspiration and creativity

The qualities of Silence and patience,

Intuitive communication and acceptance.

Sit in the fullness of your life

Nurturing and Nourishing

Wise and Compassionate

Align with the rhythm of life.

Allow life to happen and unfold

Expand and evolve

Blooming in this time of renewal, growth and rebirth

Full moon meditations are a powerful way to tap into the luminous lunar energy

and harness the energetic power of the moon’s light.

Be flooded with Inner peace and calm.

Love always,

Hasu and the entire Yoga by the Sea Family

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This Spring, Yoga by the Sea is celebrating its 17th year anniversary in the “Heart of Roberts Creek”

Yoga By The Sea instructors, group photo at the beach

Reflecting back on this incredible adventure that we have been on together, I am Filled with Flashes, sensory impressions and memories of all the lives that impacted and contributed to the growth and evolution of this community yoga center. From its first inception in the machine room  downstairs in the Inside Passage Woodworking school in 2005, to the partnership of Lyne and I, raising our sons and trying to make sense of day-to-day life, we just wanted a place to practice and teach Yoga!! And now the collectively shared space with many wonderful, incredible offerings.

We opened the doors with a drum circle, and African dance workshop  in April 2006. To all the teachers, therapists, volunteers, students, and community members who have given their love, attention and energy to cultivate, nourish and establish the center, thank you!

Let’s celebrate all the friendships that have been created, all the inner work, the healing, the music, the art, the movement, bodywork, kids’ classes, community circles, lectures from Women’s Health to astrology, to tarot cards, drumming circles, African dance, concerts, Ayurveda, immersive international teachers, trainings and programs, all the teachers and mentors, the parties and community events, all the pivoting of the pandemic, all the laughter, all the tears, the births, the deaths and of course LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF YOGA and MEDITATION!!!

This village raised this Yoga Center!!

Gratitude runs deep and flows constantly, we are filled with Grace for this opportunity to play and BE in life with you! 

From our Heart to yours!!

Love always,

Hasu and the entire Yoga by the Sea Family, past and present!

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Honor Women Every Day, Everywhere

Screenshot 2023 03 15 at 8.04.57 AM: Honor Women Every Day, Everywhere

There is a force field that wraps around Earth, and is the foundation of all creation and life. Today, and for thousands of years, the energy of women has created and sustained life throughout every country and continent. 

From India, to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia, China, the Artic circle, North America, all the Islands, Central and South America. 

This has been expressed as mothers, care providers, educators, farmers, community leaders, doctors, activists, scientists, economists, lawmakers, artists, healers, builders, engineers, spiritual leaders, sisterhood, friendship, and so much more.

Honor Women Every day, and Everywhere.

Hasu and all your Friends at Yoga by the Sea

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Love Your Friends Month!

1703939c 3b0d f39a 0a7b 157a6c70cc27: Love Your Friends Month!

February has become known as the month we focus on Love. This month at Yoga by the Sea is Love Your Friends Month! Smaller community is one of the blessings of living on the Sunshine Coast. Neighbours help out just because , and there is always someone willing to give a helping hand. We are stronger together, than as individuals. Even when there’s confusion or misunderstanding, friendship encourages listening, patience, acceptance, and  forgiveness. These are the same qualities experienced in community – the polarity of being vulnerable, and supported. For the remainder of February, Yoga
By The Sea is inviting you to Bring your Friend to Yoga. We have created a Bring your Friend for Free pass. Bring a friend with you to Yoga, introduce them to what helps you through the day, inspires you, creates balance,  peace, energy, and support. We can’t think of a better gift!!  Love your Friends!

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December is the Perfect Polarity

image: December is the Perfect Polarity

Folks are flooding back into the studio
Faces and smiles we have not seen for a long night… 
We have missed you.  
Welcome Home!

In the Northern Hemisphere, December is the perfect Polarity
Being the Light in the Dark is very important at this time of year.
And seeing the Light and the Dark in the same light is a gift. 

It brings to us the Yule Moon or the Long Night Moon
The Darkest and Brightest longest nights of the Year
Feelings of Hibernation and Introversion
Deep Contemplation, Reflection and Introspection.
As well as precious moments with Family,  friends and community connection
Giving and Receiving.
The indwelling Hearth and Home.

ed334390 74e4 4eee 86e3 c479d5fcd156: December is the Perfect Polarity

Listen to Hasu’s guided meditation
on Insight Tmer: Inner Peace yoga nidra 

Love Hasu

Peace comes from Within and only happens Now

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Let’s Remember Together

df53902c 97a0 f6d0 c024 554ffc8866dd: Let's Remember Together

We will be hosting a meditation on November 11, remembrance day at 10:30 AM, for peace and to honour this day in a different way.

Sit in meditation and community with the intention of cultivating inner peace and outer peace while raising the vibration with a common focus. Please come along if this calls to you.
We will be sitting for 30-45 minutes. There will be a short, guided introduction, then silence until the gong at the end. Feel free to practice any method, and position your body in any way comfortable. Bring your own cushion or bench. We will also have chairs and other props available.

Join us at Yoga By The Sea

All are welcome
Friday, Nov 11, 2022
10:30-11:15 am
1055 Roberts Creek Rd
Donations to Food Bank are welcome!

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