Body Mind Wisdom: From Stress to Ease

with Melissa “Atma Indrani Chandra Devi” Lyons

You may not be able to travel abroad this winter, but you can travel inward!

From Stress to Ease is a ticket to living your life differently. Engage with people from a different perspective. Experience less reactivity while communicating. Choose how you meet life’s challenges. Find peace with uncertainty.

The past year has given us much to get stressed and anxious about. The uncertainty of health protocols, the stress on home life and work life, for some a lack of privacy, for others extreme isolation. Caring for elderly parents, concern for young children. The disconnection from others via physical distance, face masks and no-touch. Not surprisingly mental health challenges are on the rise, and thankfully Health and Wellness is a top priority for employers and organizations wanting to prevent employee burnout from Stress.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

You’ve probably heard the saying that stress is the silent killer. It can be a stealth ninja, that can slowly build up while we keep our attention busy with our habits, routines, goals and responsibilities. And it can be a really loud body response to situations ad confrontations. The body responds to stress increases the load on our nervous system until we end up with serious fatigue or chronic illness. It affects every single aspect of our lives: physically with stroke, heart disease, weight gain, weight loss, digestive issues etc. mentally with depression and anxiety. Emotionally impacting our relationship with ourselves, our loved ones, our friends and colleagues.

Stress is a body response. We can learn how to be at more ease with stress by becoming more attuned to our bodies.

In this 9 week series, you will connect with your body’s innate intelligence and wisdom and hear how to support your wellbeing.

Many of us think that we are connected to our bodies. We use it every day to work, we notice when it hurts when it is loud! Rarely do we listen when it’s quiet, the subtle, the softness. We are programmed to engage through our life through our mind’s eye. And yes, it’s true, our mind is a part of our body, but it’s only one part of an entire biosystem. A lot of information is stored in the subtle bodies. Embedded into the tissues and fibres, and flowing through the chemistry of our body is our Being, the essence of who we are.

Through movement and stillness, I will guide you in theme-based practices that bring you back to your Being. Our confidential sharing circle is a place to connect and share with others and listen to how they are navigating their unique life experiences. Concrete tools and guidance are offered to support you in integrating wellness practices outside of our class time. Nestled in the middle of our nine-week experience, on Feb 10th, is a special 5hr silent retreat.

Classes are limited to 8 participants and sell out fast. Early registration is recommended.


  • 8 theme-based classes
  • 1 silent retreat
  • audio recordings and home-based practices workbook

Please read testimonials on the website to get an idea of what to expect.

January 13 - March 10, 2022
Thursday Nights  7-9 pm
*The first and last session will be approx 2.5hrs
**The silent retreat is on February 11, 2022 from 5pm-10pm location TBC
Moon Studio
$450 Investment (9 weeks) - payment plan available