with Lori (Bodhi) Edwards

EmpowerYoga with Lori EdwardsHaving a body; Befriending the body; Body as a resource.

Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) provides a space for you to feel your body. Through a series of gentle yoga forms you will be invited to notice sensations.
Everything is offered as an invitation – variations are offered in each yoga form and participants are encouraged to choose their level of participation moment to moment. In this class, you have the choice to practice yoga on your terms.

Lori will not offer physical assists (touch) nor be walking around the room. Together we will practice making choices, noticing sensation and taking effective action.


TCTSY is an empirically validated, adjunctive clinical treatment for complex trauma or chronic, treatment-resistant PTSD. Developed at the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, TCTSY has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, and Neuroscience as well as Hatha Yoga practice with an emphasis on body-based yoga forms and breathing practices.

Registration only programs are open to anyone who self identifies as having experienced trauma and/or is referred. Participants do not need a specific diagnosis, however please note that there is a brief confidential conversation to determine suitability at the time of registration.

Facilitator Lori Edwards is associated, trained, and supported by the Trauma Centre. Lori brings a wealth of experience and education in both Mental Health and Yoga, including Trauma Treatment, and Therapeutic Pain Management. Please contact Lori with any questions or comments regarding the program or schedule.

Register directly with Lori Edwards at lori@empoweryoga.ca  

*Individual and private group sessions available.
*Contact Lori to book a series of EmpowerYoga sessions or a workshop for
  your organization’s self-care and wellness program.

September 6 to October 4
October 18 to November 15
November 22 to December 20
Thursdays, 5:15 - 6:30pm (starting September 6)
Sun Studio
$180 pre-registered
$150 pre-registered (for 5 week series starting September 6)