Study Group Satsang

with Marney “Hasu” Coulter

The intention to come together to investigate the Truth (Sat) that which is timeless, universal and unchanging, as a gathering of friends (Sanga). Some call this the Eternal Truth, some refer to this as GOD, the Divine, Source, Creator, or the Infinite.

As the representative of the teachings for our gatherings, at our first gathering, I offered a beautiful reading from The Pilgrim of Love, “Initiating a Spiritual Path”.
As Sadhaks – spiritual practitioner
Embarking in Sadhana – spiritual path that leads to union, realization through self study as essential to life, not simply our wellbeing.

We as Sadhaks come together in Satsang to investigate and listen to the teachings of Eternal Truth through reading scripture, mantra, and reflections of the ancients. These methods have been tried and tested for thousands of years enabling masters to attain realization. The Buddha and Jesus were two such masters.

Satsang is like a lake, you can bathe in it. Purifying your thoughts by placing attention on these methods. The power of a group amplifies our own intention, and practice of self study. As a student (sadhak) you most feed and constantly nourish the openness, breadth of vision, enthusiasm, willfulness and reverence that will change the entire nature of the mind.

This is what is meant by devotion. Whatever helps you fall in love with Sadhana is called Satsang.

The nature of Satsang is to come with something you are wanting clarification on. Something that is part of your investigation, the more practical the better, so we can explore it by bringing it back to and through the teachings, not through the mind.

I am offering myself as the representative of the teachings, as an offering to mentor and guide you in your investigation and growth.

If you are called to continue your investigation as a Sadhak, in a gathering of friends, Satsang.
Commit yourself to the teachings, with faith and devotion for the Sadhana… you will soon find habitual patterns will be gradually removed and you will see the transformation in your life.

Each Satsang I will offer a reading or teaching that is relevant to our investigation of coming together. Then you will be encourage to ask questions, or report how the teachings help you in your investigation.

Email for dates.
Chosen Saturdays @ 8:30-9:45 AM
Moon Studio
Suggested $20