Somatic WAve Yoga

with Dhyana Bartkow

For pre-registration and information, contact Dhyana at

Transform your relationship with your body and the universe, using your felt-sense to move from the inside out into yoga poses.

After 30 years of yoga practice, chi-kung training, and study of Dr. Myers’ Anatomy Trains, Dhyana began infusing yoga with chi-kung energy work, surfing antigravity along the connective tissues of the 12 meridian cycle and floating into yoga poses effortlessly, to heal rather than strain, muscles and joints. She had finally found a way to bring healing to severe spinal, pelvic and shoulder injuries she had sustained and that had originally started her journey into body-mind-spirit-fitness.

Through this biodynamic practice you will develop an integrated, strong, physical body and energy body that:

  • aligns your spine

  • treats problems in feet, knees, hips

  • bathes organs & glands with chi (life energy)

  • strengthens the pelvic floor (your prime energy & pleasure pump)

  • strengthens the entire core and activates chakras

  • creates a self-generated craniosacral ‘long-tide’

  • leaves you feeling blissfully connected with Oneness

“I hadn’t been able to do Triangle Pose for 4 years because my left leg couldn’t support me. Today I did Triangle Pose! I’m getting my left leg back!” ~ S.M.

“My low back had been hurting me for days. Today in class I felt my tail bone adjust twice. My low back pain is gone! ~ L.M.

“I truly enjoyed the class… I experienced such spaciousness and amazing energy.” ~ B.O.

“My asthma was acting up. I was comforted to be led to focus on the breath more than any yoga class I had been to. About half way through the class I noticed my breathing returned to normal, the burning inflammation was gone; by the end of class I was feeling really good and centered. Thank you Dhyana.” ~ R.M.

September 30 to October 28 (5 classes); and
November 4 to December 2 (5 classes)
Thursdays 10:00 - 11:30 AM
Moon Studio
$100 for one 5-class series