Strength & Conditioning

with Kassandra Sewell

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Kassandra offers a comprehensive approach to developing various skills. The class will cover a wide range of exercises aimed at enhancing different aspects of physical ability. Here’s a breakdown of what participants can likely anticipate:

Balancing: The class will include exercises that help improve balance, which is important for stability in movement and everyday activities.

Mobility: Participants will work on increasing their range of motion and flexibility, which is crucial for achieving proper alignment and preventing injuries.

Stability: The class will focus on exercises that promote stability, helping participants feel grounded and centered in their day to day life.

Strength: Expect exercises that target muscle strength, providing the necessary support for holding poses and transitioning between them.

Endurance: Endurance-building exercises will help participants hold poses for longer periods and maintain their energy throughout the practice.

Agility: Agility exercises are likely to be incorporated to improve quick and fluid movement between poses.

Ease: The class will likely emphasize techniques to help participants feel a sense of ease in their body.

Confidence: Through a progressive approach and supportive guidance, participants can develop the confidence to try new movement and advance their practice.

Kassandra is a skilled instructor who is capable of working with individuals of all skill levels and body types. She creates a beneficial inclusive and supportive learning environment where participants can feel comfortable exploring and advancing at their own pace.

Inform  Kassandra of any specific concerns or limitations you may have, so she can provide appropriate guidance and modifications tailored to your needs.

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Begins Jan. 12, 2024
Fridays 8:00-9:00am
Moon Studio