Tensegrity Repair Series Introductory Workshop

with Lyne Lantaigne

The Tensegrity Repair Series was developed by Gioia Irwin and is a series of movements that are repeated a number of times and allow us to feel the deepest layers of the body in an integral way. The word Tensegrity is a compound word from tension and integrity. Balanced tension in the muscles and fascia allows us to hold our shape with ease and grace. Through this practice we are able to reduce and reverse cumulative wear and tear to joints, muscles and deep fascial layers. Flexibility and function are restored to the energy network of the body’s connective tissue system (muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments).

During this workshop, you will have an opportunity to understand the principles behind the series as well as learn the entire sequence of movements with the variations YOU need for your body to be able to move with ease.

Pre-registration required: contact Lyne at lyne@samayogatherapy.com or 604-989-0742

Lyne Lantaigne has been teaching Yoga since 1998. Her passion is to share her understanding of how the body functions (anatomy and physiology), and engage in practices which support an integrated experience. Ultimately, to feel oneself as ONE body-heart-mind, as an indivisible whole.

Sept 20 - Dec 20 (13 weeks)
Mondays, 6 - 7:30 pm
Limited spots in studio, in person only.
Having done this workshop allows you to attend my weekly class at Yoga by the Sea.