Wake Up Yoga

with Lesley “Japa” Morgan, Marney “Hasu” Coulter

This morning series sets the tone for peace of mind and well-being all day long. ‘Wake-Up’ comes from within, awaking to felt sensation and to the power of breath and intention.

This class will focus on opening and awakening your spine. Strengthen the body, calm the mind, and notice the many benefits as they expand into the many facets of life. You will feel revitalized and centred in body and mind and prepared to move into your day with grace. You will benefit by increased muscle tone, ease in breathing, improved flexibility and mental concentration. Perfect for all levels including beginners and those with some yoga experience.

Saturdays: 9-10:15 am with Japa (also available on Zoom)
Sundays: 9-10:15 am with Hasu
Moon Studio