Ayurveda and Diet Eat with the Seasons

Ayurveda and Diet: Eat with the Seasons

As we head gradually into Fall/Winter season, the rhythm of our daily life needs to adapt to the rhythm of our environment. Nature provides us with different foods in fall/winter, spring and summer. In this workshop you will learn how to align your habits with nature’s intelligence and be strong and healthy through the whole year, with a focus on the upcoming winter.

This workshop will be an exploration of your constitution: specifically the doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha and how their imbalances, whether they are in excess or in deficiency, affect your overall health. We will look at how food can help you balancing your unique constitution, what to eat in each season.  We will also dive into a few other strategies to help your nervous system and overall health be optimal.

When: Sunday October 28th from 1 to 4PM
Cost: $59 per student

How to register: directly by email nathalie@natk.ca, or call 604-360-7272

About Nathalie

Ayurveda and Diet Eat with the SeasonsIntroduced to yoga during a 9-month sojourn in Costa Rica in 1990, Nathalie experienced a deep connection with the Earth, the planet as well as the elements.  She then started to listen, follow her heart, and explore her talents learning Spanish and discovering Hatha Yoga. Certified as Yoga Teacher in 1999**, Deep Meditation Instructor in 2005, and Ayurvedic Consultant in 2013, Nathalie has more than 25 years of integrating all these principles into her life, with great results. Sharing this holistic knowledge with others, helping them to achieve better health and improved quality of life is her everyday passion.