Breathe: A Journey into the Breath

Come dive deep on this introspective journey into the breath.
Where? Yoga by the Sea
When?  Saturday , Nov 16 7:30pm – 9:30pm
How Much?  25$ -35$ sliding scale.
What is it? 
A journey into the breath to detoxify and expand lung capacity.
Learn breath techniques to quit addictions, clear grief and enjoy a natural high.
You will learn various forms of advance pranyam(a) as well as partake in a  “breath wave journey”.
Bonus: You will receive a nourishing tea to help remove mucus from the lungs.
Please eat lightly as you will be needing a decently empty stomach for the workshop (eat a big lunch , skip supper) .
Who is Facilitating ? 
Natalia Wilhelm is a 500hr yoga teacher who has studied breathwave, pranyam(a) and other breathing practices in depth for over 7 years. 
As a professional singer, she has learned multiple techniques to expand the diaphragm and increase lung capacity.
She is currently creating an e-course compiled of 8hrs of breath-work techniques.