Eagle Style Qi Gong | Yoga by the Sea

Eagle Style Qi Gong

Workshop with Brad Finlayson as taught by Grand Master Dr. Alex Yen

Learn how to heal yourself and the ones you love.

Qi Gong is an ancient energy practice that cultivates and utilizes your own life force to vitalize and balance your body, mind, & spirit.

In Eagle Style Qi Gong you will learn the following:

  • Eagle style Qi Gong Form: Fluid body movements combined with breathing and Qi direction. Can be done standing or sitting.
  • 3 Breathing Techniques: Yin, Yang, and Combination.
  • Meditative Visualization: Remove blockages, build up & fortify Qi, generate Jing, and cleanse your meridians & organs.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM): Basic theory including the Yin/Yang, 3 Treasure, 5 Element, Meridian, and Organ systems.
  • Diagnose & Heal: Determine your Yin/Yang-Score and 5-Element imbalances to target your practices more effectively.

How is Eagle Style Qi Gong different from normal Qi Gong?

This unique Eagle style of Qi Gong & Kung Fu uses movements patterned after the Eagle and have been in Dr. Yen’s family for over 300 years. Eagle is the the animal style used by healers, and integrates Chinese Medicine principles in order to diagnose and heal problems with more accuracy & efficiency. Traditionally taught along side with martial arts, it is used to boost your energy, immune system, flexibility, speed, and power. Dr. Yen added his knowledge of medicine to flesh out these teachings.

When: Sunday, July 9th, 2017, 1pm – 5pm
Cost: $55 for course & materials.
$35 for return students of either Alex or Brad.
$5 discount for pre-registration by Sunday, July 2nd.

Contact Brad by voice or text at (604)865-1088 or Brad@BradFinlayson.com for information and registration.