gurudev-global gathering-oct 2021

Free Global Gathering

Celebrate the 89th Birthday of Gurudev Shri Amritji

Empower Yourself With Emotional Clearing, Healing And Transformation

October 17th, 8 to 9 AM (PST)

This free online Global Gathering 
will give you an introductory experience of I AM Yoga® Quantum Breath Meditation™, an energetic experience deeper and subtler than yoga nidra.With every reaction, your ego burns energy at a chronic, accelerated level, and your subconscious cannot cope with it. When outgoing energy exceeds incoming energy, you build new karmic layers of stress in your body.The powerful tools, techniques and insightful teachings of Quantum Breath Meditation™ empower you to deepen your relationship with the ageless energy Being. Energy empowers you to create the shift from reactive, premature aging to the ageless Presence that I AM.The eternal Being that You Are is Now. Now is a critical point of salvation beyond time, the paradoxical union between the time-bound body and the timeless Being.

Learn the secrets of how to:

  • Consciously crossover from the doer and achiever to the timeless Being that I AM Now.
  • Live in harmony with the existential Creator, the Being, and creation your body is.
  • Experientially discover the extraordinary powers of the Being hidden behind the energetic, psychosomatic blocks.
  • Learn to live beyond your aging body and inhabit the ageless prana Being.

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