Freedom in Creativity

Freedom in Creativity

In this musical workshop we invite you bring power to your inner beauty and clear your creative blockages.

Our intention is to build a group container that empowers you to listen deeply and feel what’s present within, while freeing you to express authentically from that place. 

Together we will explore our emotions and perceptions through a range of tools intended to relax your nervous system and connect you more deeply with yourself and more authentically with others.

We will play with meditation, clearing our throats, and moving our bodies, and finish by synergising our collective expression of music from the heart – an EXPANSIVE “JAM”!

What you’ll need:

Your voice

Any instruments you would like to play

Journal and a pen

Investment: sliding scale $30-$50

Location: Yoga By The Sea, Roberts Creek 

Time: 6-8pm on Saturday 27th May, 2023

Contact Dan to register: 778-855-0845

Limited spaces available

Who we are 

Dan is a strong compassionate leader with 10 years’ experience leading groups in different modalities and has spent 20 years devoted to music. He is passionate about connection through music and encouraging sensitive people to take up space through their creativity. 

Lara is a coach @mirror.movement, yoga teacher, artist and poet. She is passionate about helping people find their medicine and integrate it into their lives. She is here to reflect your highest truth to you.