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Heart Opening Meditation and Qigong Healing

Spring Forest Qigong is a simple, efficient and effective practice for helping experience your optimal health, happiness and longevity! Easy to learn, it can be done sitting, standing or lying down.  The practice includes both moving and sitting meditation and utilizes breath, visualization, movement and sound.  You will learn to “access the healer within”, gently clearing energy blockage including physical and emotional pain and “dis-ease”. As you raise your spiritual energy to higher levels you will transform your own energy, enhancing the quality of your life and the lives of others!

As we open the heart we bring healing energy to ourselves — body, mind and spirit. Together we will send healing energy to each other, friends, family, our community and the earth.

International Qigong Master Chunyi Lin says: “The moment a person chooses to move their own energy they awaken the healer within them. Every cell in your body is energy. You are an energy being and you can transform your own energy.”

What you will learn and experience:

  • Qigong Breath, Visualization, Movement, and Sound
  • Guided Heart Opening Meditation
  • Specific techniques for healing yourself and others

No previous experience with Qigong required.

When: September 25, October 23, November 27 from 3:30–5:30pm
Cost: $20 per session

Naeodi Downey teacher at Yoga by the Sea

Naeodi Downey, M.Ed

Qigong Facilitator, Counselling Psychologist
Roberts Creek, BC

May the Unconditional Love, Peace and Light of the Universe fill and surround you.