Poster final Inspiring Passion Chakras and Elements pdf: Inspiring Passion: A Healing Journey Through the Chakras & the 5 Elements

Inspiring Passion: A Healing Journey Through the Chakras & the 5 Elements

Date: Saturdays, October 3 to November 21 (no class on October 24)
Time: 3 to 5 pm,
Pre-registration required by September 28

To pre-register, contact Lyne at:

Dive into your body to reclaim who you truly are now…

Our past experiences, and especially the ones that wounded us emotionally, remain  imprinted as unconscious memories, in our subtle emotional body. Unless they are processed and integrated, these held emotions cause us to repeat the same patterns from the past which cause us suffering. What we need to do to free ourselves, and open to new possibilities is to feel and finally release them.

namaste overhead colorful graphic: Inspiring Passion: A Healing Journey Through the Chakras & the 5 ElementsOver this 7-week series, you will :

• Be introduced to your subtle energy anatomy, the chakra system, through experiential body-based practices.

• Learn about each of the chakras and how they relate to the stages of human psycho-energetic development from conception, birth, and all subsequent stages through to adulthood, leading to the conscious realization of yourself as a spiritual being.

• Understand what constitutes healthy development for each chakra, as well as how imbalances show up, including how they can lead to pain, illness or disease.

• Gain an understanding of the impact of energy blockages in your subtle body on your physical, mental and emotional health.

• Through the use of body awareness, visualization, guided meditation, self-enquiry, breathing practices, mantra, and yoga-based movements you will have the opportunity to explore issues that may be held in the chakras (for example, low back pain, and arthritis of the hips are related to the sacral chakra). Through these explorations you can gain a more holistic perspective and understanding of your life.

• Be prepared to choose new ways of being and relating in your relationships, experience greater self-love and acceptance, wisdom and joy, and connect with your PASSION!