Depositphotos 11859640 m 2015 1: Mindfulness and Me: A Mindfulness Playshop for Children Ages 8-11

Mindfulness and Me: A Mindfulness Playshop for Children Ages 8-11

In Mindfulness and Me lessons, kids will learn a variety of mindfulness, yoga, and de-stressing techniques. This can help to cope with an often overstimulating world, and also help in managing of the big feelings of life. Mindfulness has become a popular term and wide spread concept in recent years, even making its way into some of our school systems. This is because for both adults and children it can have a real benefit. We can learning to better understand and befriend our minds, we can learn to be aware of and calm our bodies and help ourselves to learn how to processing emotions, through the gentle witnessing of ourselves in the now.

In each lesson we will be using a variety of games and activities to practice mindfulness. We will learn about our breathe, about different ways to meditate, and about body centred awareness. And be having lots of fun throughout!

20190206 113120: Mindfulness and Me: A Mindfulness Playshop for Children Ages 8-11Kaery McDonald is an Expressive Arts Therapist who works with both children and adults. She has been practicing yoga, and meditation for over 10 years and is fascinated by the many methods in which our bodies, minds and spirits can influence and support one another.  She loves teaches through games and using children’s own curiosity and imagination to guide learning.

When: February 27th (cancelled), March 6th & 16th
Wednesdays 3:00 – 4:30pm
Cost: $80 ~ with low income family option

Each lesson we will have a break with a nutritional snack, please let me know if your child has any allergies.

Please let me know If you have an interest in mindfulness for a child of another age, as I would like to know what interest is out there! This can help me to plan future workshops.

Please contact me to register, if you would like to talk about whether this is right for your child, or if you have any questions at all.

Contact: or 604-809-9413