Nuts Bolts: Nuts & Bolts Yoga Foundation

Nuts & Bolts Yoga Foundation

Chanel is offering a 4-week Yoga series that will focus on the fundamental aspects of yoga practice. The series will cover topics such as anatomy, alignment, modifications, and adjustments. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the physical aspects of yoga, including how the body’s anatomy relates to different yoga poses, how to align the body properly to avoid injuries, how to make modifications to poses based on individual abilities or limitations, and how to make adjustments to enhance the effectiveness of the poses.

This series will provide participants with a strong foundation in their yoga practice, regardless of their current skill level. Beneficial for both beginners who are just starting their yoga journey and more experienced practitioners who want to deepen their understanding and refine their techniques.

This yoga series will be incredibly valuable for those looking to develop a solid and safe foundation in their yoga practice, while also gaining a better understanding of how their body works in relation to the poses.

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