yoga by the sea Instagram Post: Remembrance Day Peace Meditation

Remembrance Day Peace Meditation

We will be hosting a meditation on November 11, remembrance day at 10:30 AM, for peace and to honour this day in a different way.

Sit in meditation and community with the intention of cultivating inner peace and outer peace while raising the vibration with a common focus. Please come along if this calls to you.

We will be sitting for 30-45 minutes.  There will be a short, guided introduction, then silence until the gong at the end. Feel free to practice any method, and position your body in any way comfortable. Bring your own cushion or bench. We will also have chairs and other props available.

Join us at Yoga By The Sea

All are welcome
Thursday, Nov 11, 2021
10:30-11:15 am
1055 Roberts Creek Rd

Peace comes from Within and only happens Now.