Untitled design 6: Revitalize Menopause Workshop

Revitalize Menopause Workshop

Feb. 17. 2024 from 1–4pm


Register here: https://yogabythesea.punchpass.com/classes/14843529

Connect in a women’s circle with Sarah, who will begin to guide you through this empowering, yet often challenging transition in a woman’s life.

Sarah brings her expertise as a Holistic Nutritionist and Menopause Health Coach, but more importantly, as a woman who has a mission to share with other women about how powerful and fulfilling this transition can be. 

Her own journey with weight gain in menopause led her to research what was happening in her body. She realized that whatever she did in her 30’s and 40’s to get back into shape after gaining weight, failed miserably now that she was 54 and post-menopausal. Her deep dive into study and talking with other women struggling with menopausal weight gain led to her passion helping other women reach optimal health in menopause.

Learn how to navigate the changes happening in your body and bust the myths and misconceptions surrounding menopause whilst connecting to other like-minded women in a safe, beautiful space at Yoga By The Sea.