Screenshot 2024 05 13 at 1.07.20 PM: Spring Cacao Ceremony

Spring Cacao Ceremony

Saturday MAY 25
6:00pm – 8:00 pm
$40-$50 sliding scale 

Registration link:

Welcoming the balance & harmony of the Spring Equinox, it’s here we offer our prayers, give thanks & gratitude, we set our intentions, dream big, as we plant the seeds of our creations.  

Sit in silence as we open our hearts and connect to sacred Cacao medicine.

As we open our hearts, we allow the sound of the shamanic drum to guild us on a beautiful journey. 

Cacao is a powerful yet gentle plant medicine that guides us inward & cracks open our hearts to receive the magic & beauty of life. 

Join Tina & Brent on this awakening journey & step into the new season with clarity, strength, joy & light.

Whether it’s your first Cacao Ceremony or you’ve sat with this medicine many times, join the circle with an open heart & mind & allow yourself to experience the magic of this ancient plant teacher. 


  • Open mind & heart
  • Comfortable clothes for moving
  • Journal & pen
  • Sacred object fo the altar (optional)
  • Mug/Cup for your Cacao 
  • Water bottle 
  • Yoga mat
  • Eye mask
  • Pillow & blanket

All are welcome!

To register please email As we need time to prepare the cacao we are unable to take last minute bookings. Space is limited, book in advance. 

Tina is an energy worker, breathwave practitioner, Yoga Teacher, ceremonialist and animal lover. Brent is a facilitator in mens work, space holder and a breathwave practitioner.