Fascia and biotensegrity 2020: Understanding Biotensegrity & The Role of Fascia

Understanding Biotensegrity & The Role of Fascia

Saturday, February 29 @ 1:30-4:30 PM

With Lyne Lantaigne, B.Ed, BFA, Certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT)

$70 (Early Bird rate of $60 available until February 5)
To register, contact lyne@lyneyogatherapy.com

Healthy Fascia = Improved Function in Daily Life

Learn what fascia is and how a restricted fascial system can lead to symptoms of chronic tension and pain.”
Learn the Tensegrity Repair Series, a practice of mindful yoga-based movements to increase your fascia’s mobility, reduce and reverse cumulative wear and tear to joints, muscles, and deep fascial layers.
Improve mobility in the neck, shoulders and pelvis, and create flexibility and strength.