Unpacking Chaturanga with Phaedra

Cancelled: Unpacking Chaturanga with Phaedra

Please note this workshop has been cancelled due to low registration.

Maybe the most ubiquitous and yet still mystifying of poses in the modern day yoga class, Chaturanga has garnered quite the reputation. It’s a heat builder, it’s a strength based posture, it’s dangerous, it’s useless, it’s crucial, it’s what makes a vinyasa flow… It’s the shoulder shredder, the widow maker…

Chaturanga can be a phenomenal opportunity for full body engagement, energetic unfolding and a physical manifestation of resolve and attention. Lets reclaim this shape and learn to work with, not around it. In this workshop we will break down the elements of a successful and healthy asana. We will learn the biomechanics of the shape, technical drills and warm ups, modifications and how to truly embody this complicated asana. Some movement, some discussion, lots of opportunity for questions and knowledge bombs.

December 3rd, 3:00 – 4:30pm
$30 pre-registered
Email info@yogabythesea.ca by November 25th to register.