IMG 4076: YOGA + Breath Work

YOGA + Breath Work

Come and experience the mindblowing, body clearing, heart opening and soul attunement that is breath work!

REJUVENATE is a six week series curated specifically for you can get maximum benefits from the weekly classes.  Each week we go deeper in to clearing out stuck energy in the body and create a pathway for new life force to flow through your body and soul. 

30 mins of intentionally sequenced movement, followed by conscious circular breathing and journalling.

What you’ll need 

yoga mat, eye mask, water bottle, journal, pen. Dress in layers as your body temperature will drop.

More details about what to expect will be emailed after registration.

Investment $159

Payment plan is available

If you have any questions please call 604-989-3007.PRE-REGISTRATION and payment is required. Follow the links on Melissa’s website: