Yoga Music 2: Yoga + Live Music

Yoga + Live Music

Lara with Dan – Yoga with Live Music

Sept. 30, 2023 6:30–8:30pm

Strengthen, balance and detoxify your mindbody as you move through vinyasa yoga forms to fire up your core essence, increasing your stamina as you practice alignment. Building heat from within, you’ll connect your breath to each movement as you flow through an empowering yoga sequence.

Led by live music to assist you in authentically integrating and embodying emotions and new insights emerging from the opening meditation and connection practices. 

Lara and Dan are committed to deep listening and walking with integrity, while weaving their gifts through partnership into service.

Who we are 

Dan is a strong compassionate leader with 10 years’ experience leading groups in different modalities and has spent 20 years devoted to music. He is passionate about connection through music and encouraging sensitive people to take up space through their creativity. 

Lara is a coach @mirror.movement, yoga teacher, artist and poet. She is passionate about helping people find their medicine and integrate it into their lives. She is here to reflect your highest truth to you.


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