Shel Neufeld

“Neufeld invites us to see the minutiae in the heavens and the magnificence in a leaf, to ponder the (in)significance of humankind.  Each shot asks “What is our place in this?”  He succeeds in taking us beyond the binary “Us or Nature” stance to some place more overarching-maybe it’s immersing”

  • Nancy Pincombe, Zoom Magazine.

In the last 23 years I have lovingly explored natural beauty all around BC, particularly the Coastal areas.  Immersing myself in wilderness has healed and transformed me in so many ways. 

I have been sharing these journeys through reflections in the form of photos and writing.  I have displayed my work across Canada in art shows, markets, calendars and magazines.  Cards, fine art photographs on canvas, and HD Aluminum prints are available through my website up to 40X60 and larger.

 Completing my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Hasu, Marney Coulter in Spring, 2023 has helped me answer the question of how to bring the presence and beauty I experience while in wilderness areas, back into my regular daily life.   I look forward to helping others connect with their own body, Spirit, and the landscape. I am grateful to the Skwxwú7mesh and shíshálh Nations whose lands I now live on, and photograph.

Sarah Cormack

My inner quest led me to my spiritual teacher who introduced me to “A Course In Miracles” and to consciousness. This is where I took a 180-degree shift and the trajectory of my life began to miraculously change. Years later, I was accepted and certified through a coaching/mentoring program with Marianne Williamson and became the Miracle Minded Coach I am today. 

What I aim to reflect back to women is a trust that they are EXACTLY where they need to be. The universe is an abundant source of energy and always has your back, guiding you towards your ultimate growth.

I am very passionate to share my knowledge and tools to help guide you through midlife, so you can experience your most amazing life in your 50’s and beyond.

Melissa Enyedy

I love to weave together the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness to curate an experience that nourishes both body and soul. Through gentle yet purposeful movement students will delve into the depths of their being, exploring the subtle energies that flow within. With each breath, I will guide students to release tension and surrender to the present moment, unveiling a profound state of relaxation that transcends the boundaries of the mat. 

What you can expect from my class: Expect a journey inward, a focus on breath and body awareness, and an energy of calm embodiment. My classes will invite you to deepen your connection to yourself through self-compassion, kindness, and curiosity.

Jennifer Helland

Jennifer Helland – E-RYT® 500, YACEP®,Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Advanced Classical Pilates Teacher, Dancer, Forever Student, Good Friend, Proud Mom

Jennifer is grateful each and everyday for the teachings of Yoga and Pilates.  For her, both modalities are an opportunity to arrive in the body just as it is, bearing witness to its ever-changing tides and building a strong yet compassionate relationship with self to then turn outwards to bring courage and compassion to community.  Jennifer has been teaching movement for more than two decades and her style is described as creative, rhythmic, intelligent and full of spirit!  At the foundation of all her teachings is a desire to share movement that celebrates the body and encourages people to be more in kind-relationship with themselves.  Jennifer is humbled and honoured to be joining the YBTS community this Fall. She looks so forward to moving and breathing with you.

Kassandra Sewell

My name is Kassandra Sewell – I have been a personal trainer for over 10 years. 

I first gained an interest in fitness when I was 12 years old. This interest quickly developed into a passion and a career where I found myself dedicated to understanding the body through movement.  

I have acquired both the skills and knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Fundamentals of Exercise
  • Anatomy/Physiology/Biomechanics
  • Fitness Assessments
  • Exercise Programing 
  • Injury Management and Prevention 
  • Strength/Endurance/Power Training
  • Coordination/Agility/Reaction Time/Balance/Speed Training

Through this and knowing each individual’s background – I have the ability to identify mobility strengths and weaknesses that help create a foundation where we can work on a mixture of exercises that make you feel strong, work towards your goals and do exercises that might be considered “annoying rehab moves”.

What do I value?  Quality over quantity. 

What do I hope for you? I want you to walk away from each session experiencing one of the following; thankful you moved your body, determined to keep working on your weaknesses, excited you learned something new, relaxed with knowing you modified something you weren’t ready for, surprised that you lifted something you never thought possible and confident that you are one step closer to whatever your goal may be. 

I am extremely comfortable and experienced with all ages and abilities. 

Vanessa Ooms

Vanessa first found yoga and meditation in the rec centre of her hometown of Elkford, BC and found the combination of breathwork and visualization to be calming and grounding.

Vanessa’s passion is sharing holistic practices that are accessible to all, so that everyone can experience growth, freedom and peace. She is an Entrepreneur, Graphic & Web Designer, Author, Speaker, Reiki Master Teacher & Meditation Teacher. She facilitates group meditations and has built a tight-knit spiritual community around her social media platforms. She helps new and seasoned business owners brand their offerings in a way that feels aligned and helps them navigate the online word.

Deg Sanjeet Kaur yoga teacher with mudra

Deg Sanjeet Kaur

Elin  (Deg Sanjeet Kaur) is a local artist, producer and kundalini yoga teacher in Roberts Creek. She has been practicing different forms of yoga for the last 20 years. She moved from Sweden to Canada and came across Yoga West, a kundalini yoga studio that has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in Vancouver since 1973. 

She quickly experienced the effects of this powerful yoga and decided to become a teacher in 2020 and finished 200 h Kundalini Yoga teacher training in June 2021. She is currently working towards her lv 2 teacher training. Elin is trained by the well respected Kundalini Yoga teachers Guru Raj Kaur, Nirmal Kaur and Hari Sing. Elin follows 3HO’s traditional Kundalini Yoga format, and guidelines. 

Kundalini Yoga uplifts your body, mind, and spirit using a dynamic blend of postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayam), kriya, mantra, music & meditation.

Doug Styles

Doug recently completed his 200-hour teacher training and is continuing on with his 300-hour training starting in April 2022. He is passionate about learning and has been a school teacher for nearly 20 years. Doug played football through his university years so yoga has been a major source of healing for his physical and mental scars from his playing days. He looks forward to engaging more people, especially men, to the spiritual aspect of yoga so that we can live as our greatest version of ourselves in this experience of life. Doug brings a sense of playfulness to his meditative yoga classes.


Michelle Hurley

Michelle began her yoga journey with Groupon in 2011. A healthy way to hangout with friends evolved into a new lifestyle.  She completed her Astanga-Vinyasa 200 hr in 2014, trained in children’s yoga in 2017, and certified in Yin Yoga in 2018. She has sat for three Vipassana meditations since 2018. Her style is flow based with a simple intention of helping people feel good in their bodies and minds.