Beata Barinbaum

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Beata Barinbaum is a certified Practitioner and Educator of Meir Schneiderʼs School for Self- Healing method and has been blending this knowledge with an extensive range of other healing modalities since 1999.

She has trained in advanced Lymphatic Drainage therapy with Bruno Chikly, assisting the body in evacuating toxins from all body systems; has studied at the Canadian College of Osteopathy; has trained with Sam Berne and Joseph Shapiro in natural vision improvement; and is a graduate of Integrated Body Psychotherapy, Anthroposophical Psychology and Spacial Dynamics.

Beata is offering massage, bodywork, movement, self inquiry, and meditation. In her practice, Beata draws on exercises involving passive and active movement, coordination, breath and visualization. She helps clients experience their potential mobility, improved vision, balance, well being, and relief from pain. Her focus is to give people the tools to self sufficiently help their bodies create their own wellbeing.

Beata invites you to become present and connected within your body including the parts of self that could benefit from nourishment, rest, balance, compassion and vitality. After twenty years of working with patients with serious neuromuscular conditions, people in addiction recovery and rehabilitation, she is now supporting people in caretaking roles.